Cette ville etrange

...cette ville étrange
a re-imagination of Claude Vivier's
"...et je reverrai cette ville étrange…"

Ensemble Constantinople & Guests
Sandeep Bhagwati

catalog number: 21119

In 2014, ten Montréal musicians, each from another tradition, came together to re-imagine an iconic work by Claude Vivier.
They re-arranged Vivier's score, rendered his melodies in their own manner, improvised around his music, remembered their own traditional music through Vivier's composition.
This album is a composite selection of live recordings from various concerts of this project since 2015. 


Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 2 c-minor  / ”Resurrection Symphony"
live recording

Chen Reiss, Soprano
Tanja Ariane Baumgartner, Mezzosoprano
Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno 
Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra
Gabriel Feltz

catalog number 21116

The ouevre of Gustav Mahler has been a focal point of the ten year cooperation between the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra and Gabriel Feltz (2003 - 2013). The last recording made during this period is Mahler’s “Resurrection Symphony”.

“the most unusual and controversial cycle of the last few years.“


From Land of Fire 
Chamber Music works by Khadija Zeynalova

Ensemble Bridge of Sound

Catalog number 21117

A Co-production with Deutschlandfunk

"Many of my chamber music compositions are inspired by nature and, often hostile, forces of nature of my homeland Azerbaijan, without embodying 'tone-painting' in the true sense of the word. Myths often form the background of my works, myths that at the same time build an obvious bridge between the Caucasus region and Central Europe". Khadija Zeynalova

Dima Orsho

Hidwa - Lullabies for Troubled Times 
Dima Orsho, voice
Jasser Haj Youssef, violin & viola d'amore
Manfred Leuchter, accordion
Salman Gambarov, piano
Robert Landfermann, double bass
Bodek Janke, drums & percussion, tabla

catalog number 21115

“These songs are more than lullabies to calm children and put them to sleep...  they are songs to put an anxious mind at ease ...lullabies for our troubled times.” Dima Orsho

"Dima Orsho paints a dreamlike soundscape out of this world with a voice full of serene passion." Maja Vasiljevic, Radio Clásica


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